How bus passenger seats are made

With the improvement of today’s living standards, bus have gradually become a important traffic tool in our daily life. The bus passenger seats are an important tool to provide the driver and occupants with ease of operation, comfort and safety, and less fatigue. While enjoying the comfort and convenience that car seats bring to us, do we know anything about the manufacturing process?

Bus passenger seats are an important part of car interiors. The production of bus passenger seats is professional and complex. At present, professional chemical factories have formed in the industry to complete the production of seats, in order to provide special products for the whole vehicle. Below I use the form of text to express the steps of the overall process of the bus seats in bus seat manufacturer:

The skeleton assembly process: 

  Skeleton structure stamping → skeleton welding → skeleton painting → skeleton assembly

  Sponge foam process: foaming agent pouring → heating → thermalization → sponge foam

  Mask process: fabric unwinding → cutting → sewing → mask

  Bus seat synthesis: outsourced parts such as slide rails + mask + foam foam + skeleton assembly

  Car seat synthesis + outsourced parts, standard parts → appearance and inspection and adjustment → packaging and storage → car seat completion

The complexity of the process cannot be expressed in words. The purchase of materials for production is a learned thing. But let’s take the production of a simple cover as an example. In order to improve the product quality and the utilization rate of fabrics, we will introduce 3 sets of CNC fabric cutting equipment for fabric cutting. Seats, seat cushions, backrests designed according to different models shape, and input the data into the computer system in advance. The rolls are manually loaded, and the fabrics are stretched and cut by the fabric-stretching machine, and then stacked into several layers of neat fabrics. After the cutting machine program, the fabrics are automatically cut into sheets of different sizes and shapes. Then, the sheets are manually sorted and matched according to the requirements, and sent to the sewing area. Layer-by-layer control to ensure quality control and production efficiency improvement! All require rigorous training and the accumulation of work experience!

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