Brief introduction to the structure of car ignition coil

The car ignition coil is mainly composed of iron core, winding, bakelite cover, porcelain cup, etc.;

(1) The iron core is made of laminated silicon steel strips that are insulated from each other. The sheets are separated by an oil oxide layer or coated insulating group, and the outer layer is covered with an insulating sleeve, whose function is to enhance the magnetic flux.

(2) For the primary winding, an enameled wire with a wire diameter of 0.5 to 1.0 mm is wound on the outer layer of the primary winding in layers to facilitate heat dissipation. The primary winding has 230 to 370 turns. There are also several layers of insulating paper on the outside to enhance insulation. After the winding is wound, it is immersed in a mixture of paraffin wax and rosin in a vacuum to further strengthen the insulation. The function of the primary winding is to use the current change in the winding to achieve electromagnetic induction.

(3) The enameled wire with a wire diameter of 0.06~0.10mm for the secondary winding is wound on the outside of the iron core insulating sleeve, with about 11,000-26,000 turns. In order to strengthen insulation and avoid mechanical damage, each layer of wire is separated by insulating paper, the outermost layer of insulating paper is more, or it is covered with a cardboard sleeve. Its role is to generate a mutual induction electromotive force.

(4) A magnetic steel sleeve is installed between the steel sleeve primary winding and the outer shell. The magnetic steel sheet is rolled into a cylindrical shape to form a part of the magnetic circuit, so that the iron core forms a semi-closed magnetic circuit to reduce magnetic leakage.

(5) The filler is to strengthen insulation and prevent moisture penetration. Fill the shell with asphalt or transformer oil. When the transformer oil is filled, the coil has better heat dissipation, lower temperature rise, and good insulation. In recent years, gas insulation such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) or plastic modeling is also used for insulation.

(6) Additional resistor Three-connection type ignition wire post shell is equipped with an additional resistor outside of the shell. Both ends of the additional resistor are connected to the “+ switch” and “switch” posts on the bakelite cover. Its function is to improve the ignition performance. There is no additional resistance for the car ignition coil of the two poles. Connect an additional resistance wire between the ignition switch and the car ignition coil “+” pole

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